2019 edition

10 years of emerging art in Madrid

In February 2019 JUSTMAD celebrates its tenth anniversary. For this extra special edition, JUSTMAD turns up in style at the Palacio de Neptuno, just beside the square of the same name and right in the heart of the art district of Madrid. With more than 50 galleries and a strong and renewed commitment to young art, we will celebrate these ten years with our collectors, gallery owners, artists and, in a nutshell, all the professionals who have accompanied us during this time.

Many things have happened over the last ten years, and we’ve been on the frontline, along with the entire artistic sector, during the most severe crisis of our era. In spite of these difficulties this fair, born to support young art and the boldest new ideas, has survived and become established as the principal fair dedicated to discoveries and the cutting edge of art in Spain.

In all this time the fair has proven to be an effective locator of new values and projects, discovering and helping people discover a great number of artists and galleries that are currently carrying out international activities of great significance. That is the case with the likes of Galería Vermelho (Sao Paulo), Nuno Centeno (Oporto), Sabrina Amrani (Madrid), Kubikgallery (Oporto), Espai Tactel (Valencia), José Robles (now Ponce+Robles, Madrid), Catherine Bastide (Bruselas), Zinc(Munich-Berlin) and Espacio Valverde, among others.

JUSTMAD is the fair in which to begin to collect and to get close to the most contemporary art with confidence, in which to discover quality and judgement from the beginning, and in which to get acquainted with the most interesting work in emerging art each year.

From the beginning, acknowledged curators such as Virginia TorrenteMartí ManenAna Luiza Teixeira and Guillermo Espinosa have directed the fair, and artists and both national and international curators such as Tim GoossensÁngel Calvo Ulloa and Asier Mendizabal, among others, have participated in the different editions of JustMad.

Throughout this time, at JUSTMAD we have promoted young creation through our ART FAIRS award, on whose jury we have counted on the participation of Secundino HernándezCarlos GaraicoaAna Laura AláezLos CarpinterosJoan MoreyDaniel Canogar and Miki Lealamong others, awarded to artists who have subsequently developed a consolidated career such as Nicolás RobbioAmélie Bouvier and Anna Kunz.

Another established award in our fair is the Premio Fundación Pilar Citoler for the young collector, which has been awarded over the last four years and attempts to promote collecting among the new generations of art lovers. Basola VallésEsther and Teresa Belmonte LapuenteCarlos Lucas and Fuensanta Casanova have been the award winners during this time. Each young collector receives a sum of money which must be used before the end of the fair to acquire a piece they desire from any of the participating galleries.

The Fundación ENAIRE Award took place in the 9th edition, enabling four photographers from the fair to fulfil a residency at Felipa Manuela and carry out a photographic project to be exhibited subsequently at the Instituto Cervantes de Madrid.

Other awards that have taken place in some of the previous editions of the fair are: the Fundación Konecta Social Architecture Award, the Mustang Art Gallery MAG Award, the Award for Encouraging Art (which in 2016 returned to the DKV collection), and the Museo ABC Drawing Award, among others.

On this occasion, JustResidence, the artistic residencies of JUSTMAD, implemented by Andrea Pacheco in 2014, will be overseen by Eugenio Ampudia, currently exhibiting at Alcalá 31. Before him there have been artistic tutors such as Asier Mendizabal (Art and Patronage Award 2017) and Carlos Garaicoa.

Since its beginning in 2010, JUSTMAD has continued to consolidate its position in the national and international panorama, edition after edition, becoming the fair of reference for young and emerging art in Spain, with more than 20,000 visitors each year and being the most suitable fair in which to commence in the collecting of art.

JUSTMAD opens its doors in February; we look forward to raising a glass with you to another ten years of emerging art.

General programme


Sao Paulo – Brasil

Acervo - Arte Contemporânea

Lisboa – Portugal

Galerie3 | FLUX23

Viena – Austria


Almagro – España

Galeria 111

Lisboa – Portugal

HEARTBEATS art gallery

Ciudad de México – México



La Gran


Loo & Lou Gallery

París – Francia

Luis Burgos



Lisboa – Portugal


Santiago de Compostela

Galerie Panoptikum

Gilgenberg – Austria

Pitt Studio

Worcester – Reino Unido



Trema - Arte Contemporânea

Lisboa – Portugal


Santiago de Compostela

Via Thorey

Vitória – Brasil

Artig Gallery

Barcelona / Berlín

White Noise

Roma – Italia


La Habana – Cuba


Santiago de Compostela

Solo Portugal


Coimbra – Portugal

Arte Periférica

Lisboa – Portugal


Lisboa – Portugal

Sala 117

Oporto – Portugal


Lisboa – Portugal

Galeria das Salgadeiras

Lisboa – Portugal

Galeria São Mamede

Lisboa – Portugal

Galeria Nuno Sacramento

Ílhavo – Portugal


Tuesday 26 February

15.00 h. Opening of JUSTMAD X EDITION to the general public.

18.00 h. Presentation of the Fundación ENAIRE Young Photography Award.

19.30 h. Official inauguration of JUSTMAD X EDITION.

Wednesday 27 February

16.30 h. – 17.30 h. Sala de presentaciones Palacio Neptuno: THEARTCHAT.  
THEARTCHAT is a digital space for conversation with artists who demonstrate their creative processes.  It intends to create an audio-visual platform that helps to understand the bases of new creation by living artists, bringing their work closer to collectors, enthusiasts and those simply curious about contemporary art.

19.00 h. Presentation of the Adquisición Colección DKV Award– JUSTMAD.

Thursday 28 February

12.00 h. Tour of the fair of the works of the JUSTRESIDENCE artists, together with those selected in this edition.

12.30 h.  Sala de presentaciones Palacio Neptuno: Presentation of the project “Redes vivas”.
Redes Vivas is a meeting point and joy of art from ecofeminist theory and care. It is a virtual space that allows visibility and collaborative work. “Redes Vivas” is being developed with different professionals, from art, culture and teaching, such as the artists Carmen Tomé, Gloria Oyarzabal, Florencia Rojas and Esther Merinero, the cultural director Irene Calvo, the artists and dramatic pedagogues Mariana González, Patricia Gracia, Jorge Ezquerra and Natalia Sanz, the educator Aída Lazuén and the design studio Noez.

16.30 h. – 17.30 h. Sala de presentaciones Palacio Neptuno: THEARTCHAT.
THEARTCHAT is a digital space for conversation with artists who demonstrate their creative processes.  It intends to create an audio-visual platform that helps to understand the bases of new creation by living artists, bringing their work closer to collectors, enthusiasts and those simply curious about contemporary art.

18.00 h. – 19.30 h. Sala de presentaciones Palacio Neptuno: App “Thertify” de PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo.
Thertify is a project from PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo. Thertify connects artists, collectors, art galleries, institutions… through an online platform that allows collections of works of art to be arranged, certified and shared. A tool that simultaneously unites art lovers from all over the world.  A network that allows the data belonging to the works that give shape to an art collection to be stored, classified and managed. Introducing the possibility to certify your work of art digitally. A new format of online authentication that certifies the authorship of the piece. Thertify connects, arranges, classifies, stores, certifies, revalues, spreads and promotes the most contemporary. A new concept in collecting, made for the digital era.

Friday 1 March

13.00 h. Sala de presentaciones Palacio Neptuno: Sublime magazine (red edition) presentation and performance: One o’clock mass, with Carlos Llavata, Eugenio Merino, José Luis Corazón Ardura and Avelino Sala.
Sublime is a contemporary art magazine published since ten years ago, and probably the only selfsustaining and independent magazine made for and by artists with humour, contemporary art and critical theory. We’ll be expecting you, come and take one!

17.30 h. Miss Beige performance. ¡SE NOTA, SE SIENTE, EL BEIGE ES INCLUYENTE!
Would you like to take part in a performance during Art Week? The 01 March a group performance will take hold of JUSTMAD in Madrid. The only requirement is to dare to be beige. So don’t forget your hammer and to dress in beige. Your own interpretation of the concept. Sign up at beige@justmad.es

Saturday 2 March

13.30 h. Presentation of the Most Valuable Young collector Pilar Citoler Foundation award
As it happened in other editions the Pilar Citoler Foundation will give an award to the ‘’Most Valuable Young collector’’ and a cash prize of 1.800 €.



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