23 - 26 de Febrero 2023


JUSTMAD, in its fourteenth edition, returns to its origins with a commitment to the new galleries and artists who will lead the immediate artistic future. Consolidating itself as a discovery fair

This edition presents forty national and international galleries, seeking to surprise art lovers with the most current artistic trends. Marking the pulse of the most current art.


Guest Projects

As in its first editions, JUSTMAD 2023 presents a selection of GUEST PROJECTS that return to the fair the transversality of their artistic proposals. This section brings together artists and projects with diverse itineraries, manifestations and interests within contemporary art. It is committed to an active and dynamic space with live pictorial interventions, site specific installations, sculptures and digital art.


Rubén Abstract, Jesús Aguado, María Aguilera, Raquel Algaba, Almaro, Carmen Almécija , Blanco Anyó , Arol, Javier Arrés, Judas Arrieta, Anna Astrom, Balu Art Works, Manuel Baya, Rodrigo Bettencourt, Atalanta, Cecilia Barreto, Suso Basterrechea, Bit Errror, Miguel Ángel Belinchón, Marina Benito, María José Benvenuto, Adriana Berges, Rafael Bernabeu, Tana Borissova, Isabel Brinck, Adrian C. Sánchez, Ana María Caballero, Patricio Cabrera, Patricia Calonge, Gretel Capriles, Vari Caramés, Emilio Cárdenas, Eloy Carrera, Lourdes Carrera, Raychel Carrión, Chae Hyesun 채혜선 |, José Chambel, Chamnan Chongpaiboon, Chantalea Commin, Aurora Cid, Colectivo Food of War, CR4 Ndo(María Martín), Paula Cremades, Alba Cortés, Alain Cugnenc, Fernando Daza, Pilar del Puerto, Jazzy Dope, DRESU, Ibán Egaña, María Emegé, Coco Escribano, Javier Félix, David Fidalgo, Fotolateras, Brenda Fridman, Andreina Fuentes Angarita, Lúa Gándara, Manuel García Cruz, Chus García-Fraile, Cristina García Labarga, Xavi García, Richard Gene Barbera, Jorge Gil, Sofía González, Alexander Grahovsky, Helga Grollo, David Gumbs, Bogdan Gulyay, Ekaterina Iakiamseva, Eduardo Infante, Rafael Jiménez, Susana Jiménez, Anna Jonsson, James Kaufman, Patricia Krohn, Marta Lastra, Bernabeu Leco, Belén Leilei, Marcela Lobo, Paula López Bravo, Eduardo Lozano, León Löwentraut, Lorenzo Lumeras, Catalina Macan, Paola Martínez Fiterre, Martín Mas, Samuel Muankongue, Javier Miranda, Elisa Miravalles, Gala Mirissa, Marc Montijano, José Moñú, Ramón Muñoz, Edin Mustafic, Andrew Ntshabele, Marifé Nuñez, Javier Pagola, Teresa Palma Rodrigues, Irene Pérez, Leyre Pérez, Oton Pérez Solero, Ana Pérez Ventura, Perrilla, Joël Person, Rodrigo Pecquer, Marco Pietro, Yolanda del Pino, Enrique Plata Rocío, Eduardo Ponjuán, Marco Prieto, Renier Quer, Cristóbal Quintero, Giordano Raigada, Emma Richardson, Adriana Rodríguez, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, Héctor Romero, Reinata Sadimba, Jorge Salas, Samuel de Sagas, Lluis Salvador, Françoise Sémiramoth, Cinthya Serur, Victor Solanas-Díaz, SMTH, Belén Somoza, Alba Soto, Taber Tabares, Jose Ángel Toirac, Martín Tolosa Marin, Alejandra de la Torre María, Ira Torres, David Trullo, Curro Ulzurrun, Tomás Valdivieso, Johan Van Mullen, José Manuel Vela, Daniel Verbis, Iván Villalobos, Christian Villamide, Mar Vicente, Paula Vinceti, Concha Ybarra, Beatriz Zerolo.

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Thursday 23 February
VIP and professional: 11 h. - 15 h.
Professional invitation: 15 h. - 21 h.
Friday 24 February
General public: 11 h. - 21 h.
Saturday 25 February
General public: 11 h. - 21 h.
Sunday 26th February
General public: 11 h. - 19 h.

General admission - 15 €
Student admission - 12 €
Free admission for children under 12 years old accompanied by an adult

IAC Card, MAV membership card, ARCO VIP Card, Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza Friends Card and Friends of the Reina Sofía Museum.

How to get there

Palacio Neptuno
C/Cervantes, 42
28014 Madrid

Line 1
(Atocha Station and Antón Martín Station)
Line 2 (Banco de España)
Lines 10, 14, 27, 34, 37, 45 (Paseo del Prado)
Lines 3 and 51 (Carrera de San Jerónimo - Cedaceros)
Parking Hotel Westin Palace (Cervantes 25, 28014 Madrid)
Parking Las Cortes (Plaza de las Cortes, s/n, 28014 Madrid)

justmad 2023

About us

JUSTMAD is a project of Art Fairs, a Spanish company that promotes art fairs and cultural events. It has organised, since 2009, the fairs MADRIDFOTO (International Photography Fair 4 editions in Madrid), JUSTMADMIA (International Emerging Art Fair of Miami 1 edition), SUMMA (International Contemporary Art Fair 3 editions), JUSTMAD (International Contemporary Art Fair 13 editions) and JUSTLX in Lisbon (International Contemporary Art Fair of Lisbon 3 editions).

JUSTMAD is directed by Óscar García García, independent curator, cultural manager, founder of PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo and author of the book Dios salve el arte contemporáneo for Grupo Planeta.

justmad 2023


Press Officer, Rebeca Marín Fraile rebeca@aguadelurdes.com

Ras de Terra

Project curated by Mónica Sánchez-Robles

JUSTMAD continues its commitment to ecology, the rural world and emerging art with its annual residency program in collaboration with Ras de Terra. The three winning artists, Pilar del Puerto (Beatriz Pereira Gallery), Manuel García Cruz (Navel Art) and Almaro (Modus Operandi Gallery), will reside from January 23 to February 3 at the Ras de Terra residence in Villanueva de la Vera (Cáceres), to develop a project together under the creative direction of the artist Mónica Sánchez-Robles, co-founder of Ras de Terra. This year the universe of merino wool and its current problems from contemporary art will be addressed. Their joint work will be exhibited at the JUSTMAD 2023 fair.

Last edition, the artists awarded with the Ras de Terra JUSTMAD 2022 Residency were Isabel Flores, Tamara García, Natasha Lelenco and Rafael Blanco


PREMOO ADquisición

Rucandio Collection Acquisition Prize

The Rucandio Collection is a private initiative promoted since the 1960s with the aim of reconstructing the most important moments in Spanish art from the second half of the 20th century to the present day. The aim of the Collection is to establish an impartial account of this period with representative works by all the fundamental artists who have worked in this period

.Award-winning work at JUSTMAD 2022 "Blanco", Sara Biassu, 2013-2019, White stoneware and make-up. From A Ciegas Gallery

Etiam et

LEA Lab of Experimental Art Residency Prize

In its commitment to stimulate a new generation of art, LEA will award a residency prize at JUSTMAD, which will be given to the artist/gallery tandem that presents the work selected as the most vindicative of freedom in creative processes. The prize will consist of a public honourable mention and a full six-month artistic residency grant in Madrid for the author of the work, in the LEA experimentation and community laboratory, a 200m2 space dedicated to the research and creation of new languages and artistic proposals.

Etiam et

RARA Acquisition Award

RARA Galería y Residencia de Arte is an initiative run by the non-profit cultural association Nueva Rara Avis. It is an organisation that connects and involves artists from all over the world and from any discipline with the local artistic network within a natural and rural environment. Its residency prize is aimed at an Andalusian artist.

Etiam et

TMF Acquisition Award

Collection of one of the fair's organising companies specialising in photography and a wide representation of Portuguese artists.

Etiam et

Admiranda Acquisition Award

Collection driven by a very young collector, who follows in her mother's footsteps by collecting works by women artists.

Performance Cycle

Curated by Hidden Gallery & Marc Montijano

Elisa Miravalles

The piece is composed of a structure of boxes, balance and movement. Elisa Miravalles works on the construction, transformation and deconstruction of irregular shapes that articulate her body and the surrounding space.

Alba Soto

Stop. Breathe. Connect with me, with you. Just let yourself do it. Trust. Listen to my hands, your hands, my voice and look into my eyes. Come in, don't pass over, awaken to intuition. Your questions are channelled through me. ARTcanos speak. (...)

David Trullo

It recovers Gilbert & George's famous first performance "The Singing Sculpture", first presented in 1969. Halfway between homage and parody, performative conference and vaudeville, Trullo will carry out an 'adapted' version of the performance in the context of an art fair, focusing on aspects already present in the original action (the democratisation of art, the entertainment industry) and other current issues such as the precariousness of the artist and his role in contemporary society.

Martín Tolosa Marin

This work stems from a reflection on old age -ZAHAR in Basque, his mother tongue-. He uses a methacrylate bathtub that represents the world in which we live, claustrophobic, detached and transparent to the observer's gaze. His body inside it, as an instrument to give voice to the suffering of being forgotten, helpless as if he were a stranger.