Pilar Citoler Foundation to the new collector award

As in previous editions, Pilar Citoler Foundation gives in our fair an award to a new collector, granting 1.800 € of award. The contest selects a young collector who has bought an art work in JustMAD and the1.800 € award allows the selected collector to adquiere a new work. This award is a decisive support to the new collectors of emerging art, as well as a support for the galleries in JustMAD.

The first edition of the award in JustMAD, in 2014, went to Basola Balles, who bought a work from the Kubik gallery, Oporto. In other editions, the award went to Carlos Lucas, who bought “What if we die tomorrow?” From the artist Javier Vázquez, from the gallery Trama; also Esther and Teresa Belmonte Lapuente, for the acquisition of a painting by Helena Toraño, in the Gema Llamazares gallery.