III Prize for Electronic and Experimental Arts 

“EX” 2017

With the desire to continue our commitment to electronic art and the association “EX” of Electronic and Experimental Art, and driven by the support and sponsorship of Arts Connection Foundation, we present the III prize of Expermiental Electronic Art, which give continuity, dvelops, and broadens the objectives set out in the previous editions. With this we approach our desire to normalize the New Media Art and endow it with a constant presence in the spaces dedicated to art in Spain.

Product of the collaboration between “EX”, Association of Electronic and Experimental Art, and JustMAD, EX curated a section entirely dedicated to electronic art in the eighth edition of JustMAD. 

This year´s call offered two awards generously sponsored by Arts Connection Foundation in support of New Media Art. On one hand, a prize of 2,500 euros, and on the other, the opportunity to be a part of an artistic residence in the spaces of Arts Connection Foundation in Miami. 

Winners of the III Prize For Electronic and Expermiental Art

The EXquisite jury (conformed by Paulina BebeckaNilo CasaresJaime LavagneArturo Moya Villén, and Gerardo Zavarce) has awarded the 2017 edition winners. 

The EX prize of electronic and experimental art, endowed with 2,500 euros, to the work Far and Near, You and Me by Ting Zhang (Republic of China); because it manages to transform the magic of remote encounters into something as real as unreal they end up being.

The Arts Connection residence prize to the work Image don´t cost a thing by Ilyana Kancheva (Bulgaria); for returning the game of mirror, mirror: tell me who is the most beautiful, to it´s former analogical stage, that of the photo-thug, the only place in which to find the invisible man on guard. 

Far and Near, You and Me

Image don´t cost a thing 

Previous editions winners 

2015. The first edition was in favor of the work titled Intemporal by Marina Corach (México); the second prize was for the work Una Conversación entre la Memoria y el Olvido; Máquina para un Olvido de Jorge Luis Vaca Forero (Colombia).

2016. In the second edition, the first prize was awarded to the work BNC B by Martin Reiche (Germany). The second EX prize, which granted a place for our artistic residence, JustResidence, was for the work Blowjob (400 milisegundos) by José Sánchez (Spain). 

Marina Corach – Intemporal 

Martin Reiche – BNC B

 Artfairs Prize

ArtFairs is the organisation behind art events such as JustMAD and SUMMA Contemporary. With this prize, aims to motivate and encourage new artists presented in JustMad. The singularity of it is its jury, which is formed by a recognized and prestigious group of consecrated artists



Previous editions winners 

2012. 1st edition´s winner was Nicolas Robbio, exhibited at the fair by a gallery Invaliden I from Berlin. The jury was composed by artists Eugenio Ampudia, Daniel Canogar, and Carlos Garaicoa


2013. In the 2nd edition of ArtFairs Prize ten disciplines were selected: art, literature, architecture, music, design, fashion, decoration, cinema, cultural entrepeneurship, and gastronomy.

Three renowned artists from each discipline chose the award-winning emerging artist. The jury of the art category was formed by Cristina Iglesias, the artistic group Los Carpinteros, and Secundino Hernández, who chose Amélie Bouvier as winner. artist who was exhibited by Javier Silva Gallery of Valladolid. 

2014. 3rd edition´s prize went to Phillip Topolovac, from the gallery Invaliden I form Berlin. The winner was selected by Ana Laura Aláez, Carles Congos, and Joan Morei

2015. 4th edition ArrtFairs ICON award was to Anna Kunz, represented by TSA Gallery NY. The jury was composed by Carlos Maciá, Miki Leal, and Jose Ramón Amondarain



2016. 5th edition´s winner was Jorge Pérez, presented by the Fine Arts School of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. The winner was selected by Illán ArguellosMaurizio Lanzillota, and Eugenio Merino



Pilar Citoler young collector´s prize 

The Pilar Citoler Foundation is an active cultural agent that supports new generations of both artists and collectors. The prize awards 1,800 euros to a young collector, and the money should be used to buy art at the fair. To participate, the collector must be registered by one of the participant galleries after the purchase of an artwork exhibited at JUSTMAD. The jury’s selection criteria evaluates the acquired piece as well as the statement of his/her collection. Also, considers other artists that are part of it.

In the eighth edition of JustMad, the prize was for a young collector for the acquisition of her  first piece, with this she acquired a work by Xurxo Gómez-Chao, representado por la galería Bea Villamarín. 

Previous editions winners 
  • 2014. The award went to Basola Valles, who acquired a work by Carles Congost. The artist was exhibited at the fair by Kubikgallery from Porto.
  • 2015. The winner was Carlos Lucas. He bought a work titled “What if we die tomorrow” by Javier Vazquez. The artist was exhibited at the fair by Trama gallery from Barcelona.
  • 2016. The award went to Ester y Teresa Belmonte Lapuente who acquired a piece by Helena Toraño, artist presented at the fair by Gema Llamazares Gallery from Gijón.


Konecta Foundation Social Architecture Award 

This award was dedicated to bold ideas in the field of architecture around accesibility, it was presented in JustMad and delivered during SUMMA

Previous editions winners 
  • The 1st edition in 2012 went to the architect Julio Jimenez Corral with the project Zootropo.
  •  The 2nd edition award in 2013 went to Marta Crespo Mellado and Xavier Fontanet Adrover with the project Se Vende.
  •  The 3rd edition prize went to SENEXPAN formed by Marta and Maria Gonzalez Devesa Jarabo Aranguren.




JustMAG young artist prize 

JustMAG prize awarded the selected artist with 4,000 euros in exchange for work. It also gave the opportunity to exhibit the artist’s work at the Sala MAG. This is an initiative of Mustang Art Gallery, which is perfectly alinned with JustMAD’s priority in supporting emerging art.



Previous editions winners 
  • 2012. Laramascoto represented by Galería Liebre from Madrid (Spain)
  • 2013. Liiure Briz, represented by Gallery Say Hi! from Antwerp (Belgium).
  • 2014. Liliana Zapata, represented by Kiosko Galería from Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia).
  • 2015. Fernando M. Godoy, represented by Carolina Rojo gallery from Zaragoza (Spain).
  • 2016. Pablo Capitán del Río, represented by Ruíz Linares Gallery, from Granada (Spain)

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