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“is it scary to” – Zach Gage

Postmasters Gallery

Art Gallery New York

Postmasters Gallery opened in East Village in December 1984, moved to Soho in 1989 and in September 1998 the gallery relocated again to Chelsea. In October 2013 Postmasters opened its new spectacular 4,500 square-foot ground-floor space on 54 Franklin Street in Tribeca, complete with large functional basement.
During its 30 years Postmasters is showing young and established artists of all media. We actively seek new forms of creative expression and show them in a context of a variety of mediums: painters, sculptors, installation artists, photographers, digital artists  and artists for whom form follows conceptual ideas are represented along video and new media artists. The artworks are generally content oriented, conceptually based, and – most importantly – reflective of our time.


“all i ever want to do is” – Zach Gage

“MyMoon” – Serkan Özkaya

“Egg Alone” – Rozedaal

“Cross Divisions” – Rozedaal

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