MaximiliansForum comes as a surprise.

This innovative exhibition space run by the City of Munich, is located in the underpass between the intersection of Maximilianstraße Altstadtring, in one of the most exclusive areas in Munich.

MaximiliansForum, with its 1600m² area, is the perfect scenario for the most cutting-edge projects: from installations, performances, talks and panels. Always open and free to the public.

I happen to see the show by chance and at night. Which probably are the best conditions to enter in such a space where everything feels theatrical, dystopian and overtaken by time and nature. Like entering in a time capsule, specially after coming from the above rich and noble Munich. 

The show titled “C9” is by a group of artist from Munich that conform COLLABORATIONa non profit exhibiting project with interesting premises, like making site-specific pieces while traveling and like the name says, collaborating with other local or international artists.

Will be on view until December the 12th 2015.

Not to be missed if you happen to be in the Bavarian land.