Modus Operandi

“Divertimento japonés III” – Pablo Maeso

Gallery Modus Operandi

Art Gallery Madrid

The gallery was founded in 2012 with the purpose of being a platform for young artists and creators, establishing a link between them and the authors that one day left their imprint. They promote contemporary art and collaborations with galleries and cultural venues, both nationally and internationally.

They carry out between seven and eight exhibitions per year, both individual and group exhibitions, and strongly believe in the need of giving the opportunity to artists that are not represented by any gallery, to expose here, that’s why, they launched at least two open calls a year for those who want to send their artistic projects. In the same way, the participation in international art fairs and the realization of different cultural and artistic activities, are very important for them.


“Mao” – Rafael Jiménez

Rafael Jiménez

“Magnus videri” – Carlos I. Faura

“Spencer Mountains” – Pablo Maeso

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