La Juan Gallery

“Touch me. Premium Menopause Satisfaction Lounge” – Nina Dotti 


La Juan Gallery

Art Gallery Madrid

We suggest playing with the sense of art from another point of view where value is given to the look, the experience and the critical sense about the artistic work. Performance, actions, sensory experiences. Everything fits in La Juan Gallery as long as the content maintains the principle of playing with the person as a piece of art.

What if the observant is observed as a work of art?

What if the artist holds the weight of his work while we observe him/her?

What if the work cannot be bought because it is alive?

And what if we collect the best-known performances and represent them ourselves?

What if we call the ladies from the market and turn them into an intervention?

All that comes to mind.


“PMS LOUNGE app” – Nina Dotti

“I am HOT PMS LOUNGE” – Nina Dotti

“Hechizada Spell on beige” –  Ana Esmith

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