EMERGE 2017 – Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Emerger: “To sprout, to arise, to emerge, to be born, to germinate, to burst, to flow, to bloom, to open …” All synonyms of the same positive energy, a magical epiphany of new glances, illusions, and voices. Because this is without a doubt, the EMERGE project: the outbreak, the birth, the creative germination of a group of young artists, fresh out of the millenary oven of the university, which point with their ideas, forms, colors, strokes, images, textures and volumes to the spherical target of the Planet Art, and that has turned the University Francisco de Vitoria into an obligatory reference within the university art in Spain.


“El día a día” – Eduardo Infante

“Yo no soy solo rostro” – Mariana Gómez-Moreno Crespog

“El ser entreabierto” – Laura San Segundo

“De lado a lado” – Marc Angles

“Cae y al caer se eleva” –  Mario Guixeras

“Alma” – Charo Artadi

“Desde dentro” – Marina Descalzi Guercio

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