“Constellations of the Intangible” was the title of the retrospective show by artist Luis González Palma (Guatemala, 1957) at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid.

Subtly illuminated it was a very intimate exhibition, that helped people entering easily in his magic universe. As he said: “I tried to give form to my ghosts, the ones that conduct my personal life, religious hierarchies, politics and life”.

His work is quite difficult to categorize, escaping from the usual two dimensions of photography, Luis Gonzales Palma changes medium depending of the work. Sometimes silk fabric, others rice paper, strech or rolled canvas, it is a challenge to the audience to define what is seeing.

Often in his works we find the use of golden paper, coming from his interest in religious art and Baroque. For example we find in the series “Hierarchies of intimacy”, it seems the image was printed on top of the golden papers, using old procedures of photography printing. His latest works are closer though to the esthetic preoccupations of Piet Mondrian and his geometric abstraction.

We can’t wait to see his new body of work, but meanwhile would like to thank the curator Alejandro Castellote and the Gallery Blanca Berlín for their great help in its realization.