Pilar Sagarra (Eka&Moor Gallery) +  Klaas Rommelaere

Eka&Moor Gallery

Art Gallery Madrid

EKA & MOOR ART GALLERY is located in the center of Madrid, a central focus in Spain for contemporary art. Our gallery holds 8 individual exhibitions and 4 group shows each year. They support a range of artistic disciplines, from painting and drawing to printmaking and photography. The gallery engages in a number of different activities, including fortnightly exhibitions at our space in Madrid as well as further afield.


“Entre si ” – Pilar Sagarra

“I HAVE A PLACE ONLY 30 MINUTES AWAY” – Klaas Rommelaere

Klaas Rommelaere

Klaas Rommelaere (Roeselare, Belgium 26/10/1986) graduated in 2012 at School of Arts, Gent with a Master in Fashion design. In 2013 he spent the year doing internships: at Henrik Vibskov (Copenhagen) and Raf Simons (Antwerp).

Once done with these, Klaas started making more free art pieces like installations, masks, carpets and flags. Each time everything is made by hand using techniques like crochet, embroidery, knit and so on.Everything he does starts from a thread and by manipulating it, he makes his own thing. He takes his inspiration in ethnic tribes, movies, series and personal life. In the meantime he grew his own tribe with senior ladies who help him with his work. Each week they meet in a retirement home and work on his stuff.

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