Carlos Maciá for Caladan

I propose a pictoric intervention on the three walls of the stand, linking facets of the design of Caladan with my lines of artistic creation.
It will formally resemble my last more geometric space interventions: actions intended to link my Markers series with certain expressions of urban character that I had the opportunity to meet after an artistic stay in the extraordinary São Paulo.
The piece will be made with painter rolls 11 cm width. It will be monochrome: the intervention will be green, which I associate with a green Miami, whose approximate pantone would be 3255 c. I selected this color in tribute to the only piece of vibrant color that until now has produced Caladan: a small wallet that incidentally coincides in color with one of my last pieces of the Markers series.
Over my intervention, an exclusively Caladan designed display will be installed where the products will be displayed.


Sketch of Carlos Macia’s proposal for Caladan’s booth at JustMAD8

Inspiration behind Carlos Macia’s proposal for Caladan’s booth at JustMAD8


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