“Espacio Adquirido 10” – Gustavo Blanco Uribe

Gallery Parenthesis

Art Gallery Caracas

Parenthesis began its exhibition activity eight years ago in the context of the Los Galpones Art Center, Caracas – Venezuela, seeking to promote and publicize the work and plastic investigation of creators of recognized career, as well as that of an emerging generation, with an emphasis on the contemporary manifestation as a link and dialogue in the context of the visual arts of the country: we have highlighted in this sobering time, the recent work of a large number of plastic artists, understanding that the diversity of proposals is a fertile field to project and promote the rich spectrum of our arts, so we have insisted, in addition to presenting individual exhibitions, in emphasizing the collective aspect as a factor of greater exchange and communication.


“Espacio Adquirido 12” – Gustavo Blanco Uribe

“Espacio Negativo 1 blue” – Gustavo Blanco Uribe

“Espacio Adquirido 9” – Gustavo Blanco Uribe

“Espacio Adquirido 11” – Gustavo Blanco Uribe

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