Aurora Vigil

“Atlas Mauve” Santiago Picatoste

Gallery Aurora Vigil

Art Gallery Gijón

Gallerist Aurora Vigil-Escalera manages this new space, a continuation of her 32-years career, initiated in 1984 as a founding member of the Van Dyck Art Gallery in collaboration with her parents Alberto Vigil-Escalera y Ángeles Pérez. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery clumps together, therefore, two factors that build up a key combination: experience and quality.With a varied programming and an eclectic aesthetic line, exhibitions here bring together both consecrated artists and emerging creators with a bright scope. A selection of national and international artists, characterized by their prominence, best quality with no exclusions is the gallery´s main guiding principle.


4753_00:00:00:02:14 – Izaskum Escandón

Girls – Jorge Hernández

4466_00:00:09:19 – Izaskum Escandón

Atlas Black – Santiago Picatoste

La Tregua – Jorge Hernández

Tiempo de Silencio – Jorge Hernández

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