El Gran Vidrio

“MICCIÓN” – El Pelele

Gallery El Gran Vidrio

Art Gallery Córdoba

El Gran Vidrio began its activities in October 2010 in the city of Cordoba. It started as an art gallery and executive restaurant project on the outskirts of the city. In November 2014 they opened their big space, El Gran Vidrio Ecke, in the city center.

This way is located in two different urban spaces: two spaces of art. El Gran Vidrio is an open space of production and questioning of the contemporary practices of art. This approach includes and extends from a program of annual samples to cycles, conferences and other proposals that make El Gran Vidrio a unique promise. We insist on ideas by dragging concepts.


“Mouse 1” – Susana Gamarra

“Ubiquista” – Susana Gamarra

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