Every September Madrid opens the art scene with a rich program of art activities, between guided visits to museums and private collections, talks and of course exclusive parties.

The galleries that are part of the association ARTE_MADRID, get together to make an opening event, Apertura Madrid, with the idea of attracting collectors, art critics and art people. Madrid has registered 50% of the Spanish Contemporary Galleries, which is incredible.

The challenge here is helping the market to grow, getting as well more international projection.
There’s still a lot of work to do in this regard, some people suggesting it should start with rethinking a common calendar that would help collectors and press to assist to all events.

What is clear is that Apertura Madrid is an exciting time, moving entire neighborhoods and getting people closer to #contemporaryart, which is needed.

Spanish and international artists with different proposals, for example from the conceptual site-specific by Alejandro Leonhardt for Galería L21, to the paintings of a master like Luis Gordillo for Galería Marlborough Madrid.

On the other hand there’s Salón, a private apartment of two artists that every month have a showof other artists. This time we encounter “el biombo y el eco”, (the folding screen and the echo), curated by Carolina Castro Jorquera, an impressive sound installation with a hanging textile piece by artists Ian Waelder and Felipe Mujica.

We’ll keep you posted of the rest of shows in Madrid.

Greetings and go and enjoy art shows!