A tour of galleries and artist studios in Madrid.

Exclusive contest for partners and members of AVAM.

24 and 25 November

What is PARKOUR?

AVAM, in association with the art fair JustMAD, organizes PARKOUR, a tour through 8 artists’ studios and 8 galleries of Madrid participating in the 9th edition of JustMAD, which are: 6 + 1, Blanca Berlín, Cámara Oscura, Estampa, Herrero of Tejada, Modus Operandi, Project H and Silvestre.

Parkour is the art of movement, and the people who practice it seek to overcome themselves, overcome obstacles on the way and adapt themselves to the environment using only the body.

The purpose of PARKOUR is to appeal to the artists so that they are aware of their responsibility in the formation of the public. It is each artist who can best make viewers understand the value of creative work, the meaning of creation and the difficulties they face every day. PARKOUR aims to connect audiences with artists in a very active and intense way.

To do this, AVAM launches a call among its partners, in order to select 8 studios in Madrid that will participate in this tour, as well as 8 artists who mediate with the public. Each artist can present himself to one or both modalities (study or mediation).

These two modalities consist in:

1- STUDY: 8 studios of artists from Madrid that will be part of the PARKOUR tour will be selected. This tour will be supported by gallerists, collectors and the general public.

2- MEDIATION. Each of the 8 selected artists from Madrid will perform the mediation work of two of the participating spaces: a gallery and a studio. Under no circumstances may an artist carry out mediation in his own studio. Each artist will receive a fee of € 200 gross for this mediation work. Artists with or without study may apply to this modality.

Who can appear?

This contest is exclusive for members and partners of AVAM. Artists with or without study in Madrid can be presented. Artists who are members of the AVAM Board of Directors can not be present. If you are not a member, ask for it at

How can I introduce myself?

You must complete the attached form and send it, along with your CV and a dossier of your work or a link to your website, to the mail address

Until what day can I submit my candidacy?

The call is open until November 14, 2017.

Who will be the jury?

The jury will be composed of the artist Daniel Silvo, member of the Board of Directors of AVAM, and the curator Semíramis González, member of the Board of Directors of MAV. Both, co-directors of JustMAD.

For what PARKOUR?

PARKOUR is a project that seeks to involve artists in the communication and dissemination of art and artistic processes.

The PARKOUR project sets at the same level of validation the production spaces (studios) and the exhibition places (galleries), making them equally interesting for the visit and understanding of the art. The legitimacy that the gallery has traditionally had on the study as a space where to find quality works, will be subverted in this way, since we will see how the differences between both types of space are diluted, introducing into the gallery reflections on the processes of creation, and showing in the studies very valuable expository conclusions.