JustResidence will take place this year in Genalguacil (Malaga). The selected galleries will be able to present the candidacies of any of their represented artists, who in addition to enjoying a month of residence in this locality, will present the results of the residence in a stand dedicated to it during the fair.
In the Serranía de Ronda / Genal Valley lies Genalguacil, a village of barely 400 inhabitants where the Art Encounters have been celebrated for more than 20 years.

In Genalguacil is the Genalguacil MAC, in whose collection 123 works are conserved, some of them in the own streets of the town.

In 2017 JustMad proposes to realize its annual art residence in this population. Previously, the cities of Avilés, Madrid and Málaga have been housed in these residences, directed and tutored by Carlos Garaicoa, Darío Escobar and Andrea Pacheco. Latin American and European artists such as Liliana Zapata, Mariana Murcia, Gustavo Blanco-Uribe and Anna Nosowicz have participated in them.

This time the tutoring of the projects is carried out by Asier Mendizábal (Ordizia, 1973), who has selected four artists from the galleries who will be present at the next edition of JustMAD. These artists are: Ana Linhares (Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, 1990), Azahara Cerezo (Girona, 1988), Eloy Arribas (Valladolid, 1991) and Hernani Reis Baptista (Vila do Conde, Portugal, 1986).

The residence will be held during the month of October, during which the selected creators will perform a work or set of works that will be shown at the 9th edition of the fair in February. These pieces can be previewed in January at the MAC Genalguacil, involving its neighbors of the project they have hosted.

The tutor, Asier Mendizábal (Ordizia, 1973).
Asier Mendizabal is one of the Basque artists of the new generation who pay more attention to the relations between form, discourse and ideology. Throughout the expanded fields of art, rock music, film, politics and theory, his gaze on social structures leads him to sketch a map of the totality of production relations. His work offers a renewed reading of social, political and cultural context of the Basque Country today.

The artists

Azahara Cerezo (Girona, 1988) addresses contradictions in the territory’s singularity and in/visibility relations between urban forms, globalizing processes and technical tools. Her projects are frequently linked to the production in context in the frame of artistic residencies as well as to the collaboration with other artists. 

Ana Linhares (Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal 1990) graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto in 2012. She works mainly with drawing and photography, traversing the analog and digital processes, paying special attention to materiality and the quality of the prints, textures and surfaces that receive images of landscape and nature.

Hernani Reis Baptista (Vila do Conde, Portugal, 1986) works with installation, video photography and other digital media. Memory and the experience of space are what define his work, exploring it from the color, the scale and sometimes the objects found in it.

Eloy Arribas (Valladolid, 1991) focuses all his production on painting. He considers that this is the means by which the relationship between plasticity and sensation becomes more evident. For him, painting is a form of expression that is eminently sensitive, silent and intuitive, that allows to tell things without telling them.