Curated Venture: Solo project section by Tim Goossens

JustMAD is gearing up to launch 2017’s iteration next February. Soon we shall be announcing our curatorial team as well as new sections. In the meantime, everyone in the team wishes to extend an invitation to all aficionados and contemporary art lovers to attend this phenomenal encounter with contemporary art. Please mark your calendars and join us from 21-26 February at COAM’s headquarters in Madrid’s city center.

This is JustMAD’s eighth edition and its goal is to stay strong in supporting emergent galleries and alternative spaces in Spain and abroad. Seeking to fulfill this motto, we have picked up the solo-project section under the name of Curated Venture. To curate this very important part of the fair, we are delighted to announce the collaboration of magnificent curator Tim Goossens.

Tim Goossens

Open call to participate in JustMAD contemporary art fair’s residency program

For the forth-consecutive time and thanks to the support of the town of Avilés and Fundación Banco de Santander, JustMAD celebrates a new edition of Just Residence. This is a 4-week art residency program that offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a creative experience in companionship with other international artists. Curatorial discourse defined for 2017’s edition is the transformation and reclaim of the industrial landscape through art.

Just Residence 2017 is articulated through an open call. The aim is to gather a fine group of artists that represent contemporary international creative panorama. We are now receiving applications and until the 30th of September. The destination chosen to host Just Residence 2017 is the town of Avilés, and we are delighted to announce Carlos Garaicoa as Just Residence 2017 resident’s mentor.

Off-Fair JustMAD art events – Exhibition Program

We shall be back in September with the series of exhibitions called I showed at JustMAD, now I show at Arco. This initiative has already served to give visibility to the work of Jorge Pérez, with the show The Other Side, as well as Ryan Turley’s with the exhibition titled Changing Roles. We’ll keep everyone posted about the three new shows we are lining up for the fall.

All participant artists have no commercial representation in Spain, and they either were residents at Just Residence Málaga 2016, or were exhibited at Complutense University of Madrid’s MFA program booth at JustMAD7.





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